Link Tagging

What are tags?

  • Tags are words or combination of words & numbers that you can use to classify or describe your link

  • Tags allow users to note down details about their shortlinks & make it easy to locate related shortlinks that have the same tag

How can I use tags?

  • Use tags to divide links into general categories, eg. “survey”, “news”, “report”

  • Use tags to describe original URL that shortlink leads to, eg. “straits-times”, “FormSG”

  • Use tags to keep track of the time period that shortlink is utilised, eg. “Oct2022-campaign”

Best practices for tagging

  • Make tags consistent, eg. always using the same term “reports” instead of variations like “report”, “Reports”, “REPORTS”

  • Keep tags to two words or less, eg. “survey-001”

  • Create a master list of tags to keep track of tags you have used before

How do I create tags?

  1. When creating a new shortlink, you will see a new option to add up to 3 tags

    • You can create tags containing alphabets, numbers, hyphens (“-”) and underscores (“_”), up to a limit of 25 characters per tag

  2. A tag will be created whenever you press space, comma, enter or click away from the field. Once you are satisfied with the tags created, press “Create link” and you should see that you have successfully created a shortlink with the tags you entered!

  • Things to note:

    • Tags cannot contain other special characters like “#, !, $, %, ^, &, *, +, .”

    • Tags are case sensitive, eg. “Newsroom” & “newsroom” will be stored as two separate tags

    • Tags are shown to the user only on their dashboard and do not show on GoGovSG’s Directory search

Yes, you can do so! Simply follow the steps below to add, change or remove tags.

  1. Click on the shortlink on your dashboard

  2. Edit your tags under “Tag (add up to 3 tags)”

    • Click the X button on the tags you wish to remove

    • Type in the field to create new tags

    • Click on “Save” to update your tags

  • A notification toaster will indicate that your tags have been updated

How do I search using tags?

  • On your dashboard, click on the dropdown in the search bar to toggle between search by Link or search by Tag, and type in the tag used for the shortlinks you wish to search for

  • Alternatively, click on the tag you wish to search for on your dashboard. All the shortlinks containing the tag you clicked on should show on your dashboard

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