If you are unable to view this guide properly on the healthcare virtual browser, we recommend trying to do so on your personal devices (eg. mobile phone) instead.


1. Click on the link on your dashboard

2. Edit your URL under “Original Link” field, click “Save” button

3. A notification toaster will indicate that your link has been updated

No, you cannot delete the link. Please choose your short link names wisely as it is associated with your email.

However, you can toggle the link “Active” or “Inactive”. An inactive short link will lead to a page on that says “Page Not Found”.

1. Under the link owner section, key in the email of the new owner and click “Transfer” button

Note: Link can only be transferred to healthcare professionals at these institutions.

2. You will see a notification that your link has been transferred to the new owner

1: Click on your link on your dashboard & click on link history.

2: You should see a page like in the image below. This page tracks all changes to the shortlink, which includes any previous changes to the original link URL, the link status, the link tags & the link owners. The timestamp of such changes are also logged.

How do I generate a QR code on ForSG?

1: Click on your link on your dashboard

2: A drawer will appear, and you will see the option to download QR code!

Are ForSG QR codes secure?

Although all QR codes are susceptible to tampering, the link that ForSG QR codes direct users to will always have:

1. A domain for the link that cannot be tampered with 2. A transition page (for first-time visitors) that contains an educative message for members of public to note the domain in the browser to be aware of phishing

What is a transition page?

While only authenticated healthcare professionals can generate ForSG links, anyone can easily use a QR code generator to create a QR code, impersonating as healthcare professionals. Non-discerning users may not notice that they are not visiting a link through ForSG.

Even though QR code can easily be replicated, a transition page is not.

When a visitor lands on your shortlink for the first time, they will be served a transition page. This is to ensure that user is aware of the destination url that they are visiting, and more importantly, prevent any potential phishing attempts with the use of QR code.

Here’s how it looks like on user’s end.

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