ForSG is a link shortener for healthcare institutions in Singapore. This guide contains most frequently asked questions and notes on how to use ForSG.

Only share links that are meant to be public on We will not be responsible for any leaked information.

What is ForSG?

ForSG is a link shortener for the healthcare institutions in Singapore. It is built by the Open Government Products team at GovTech.

There are multiple reasons why we built a link shortener:

  • URLs are too long to fit into tweets or SMSes, and difficult to remember

  • Email clients might block other commercial link shorteners if they are listed as spam on their site

  • Citizens are afraid of phishing when receiving a shortened link and unsure of where it goes

  • With ForSG, citizens and patients are safe in the knowledge that the links are official. Any healthcare professional from whitelisted organisations below can log in with their emails and immediately create short links with the official domain.

Who can use ForSG?

ForSG will be made available to healthcare professionals from the following healthcare institutions with below email domains:

Why didn’t I receive the OTP instantly?

An OTP is immediately sent to your email address right after you’ve keyed it in. However, your email servers may take some time to process to ensure that it is not a malicious email being sent to your inbox.

If you have problems with receiving the OTP, please contact your AFM or IT team to resolve this.

Is this the same as GoGovSG?

You might have noticed that ForSG looks and feels almost the same as GoGovSG. That's because the same people behind GoGovSG also built ForSG!

We wanted to make link shortening service available to healthcare institutions, that is how we got started with building ForSG.

The features you find on GoGovSG will be exactly the same as ForSG.

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